The Pike County Fiscal Court approved the execution of a memorandum of agreement, which will see four county roads receive patching or resurfacing work done.

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, the PCFC approved execution of a memorandum of agreement with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways in the amount of more than $936,000. Those funds will be used to patch or resurface four separate county road projects: Road Fork, Sycamore Mountain Road, Ford Mountain Road and Right Fork of Brushy Road.

“As you know, this court has worked diligently to obtain state and federal funds for various projects,” Pike County Judge-Executive Ray Jones said. “The reason it is these four roads is because these are the four absolute worst roads in the county.”

Jones said County Road Supervisor Fabian Little met with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Commissioner of Rural and Municipal Aid Gray Tomblyn II and spent the day together looking at various road projects to determine where the funds needed to be allocated.

“We had asked for $1.6 million, but we didn’t get that,” Jones said. “But we did get close to $1 million, and it’s going to let us take care of some very pressing needs and some of the most dangerous roads in the county.

“This is a matter of life and death and potentially saving somebody’s life,” Jones added.

Jones also took the time to address some recent criticism he has faced for reaching out to Gov. Matt Bevin’s office while trying to obtain the funds for the road work.

“I have recently been criticized for reaching out to the governor’s office and asking for help and then for expressing my thanks when we received help,” Jones said. “I will make no apologies to anyone for working with anyone who is in the Governor’s office, whoever is in the White House or whomever our congressmen and United States senators are.”

Jones said Pike County has significant infrastructure problems and “inadequate resources” to handle them.

“This is discretionary money coming straight from the state Transportation Cabinet,” Jones said. “That is money that this county, if we would not have asked for it,  we would not have received.”

Jones said he fought with Gov. Matt Bevin for four years in the state senate. However, since he is no longer in that position, his responsibility is to make sure that Pike County can take care of its many needs.

“Whether we take care of a road isn’t a Democratic issue, a Republican issue, or an Independent issue,” Jones said. “And I believe the court will support me on this, but I will reach out to whoever can help Pike County.

“Some people will say, ‘oh it’s an election year,’ well I don’t care if it’s an election year or not. We’re getting over $936,000 to address four major road issues,” he added.

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