Inflatable waterpark among new ideas for Fishtrap marina

New Fishtrap marina owners James and Tereshia Thomas have began setting up their new inflatable water park attraction in hopes to draw tourism out to the area.

The Fishtrap Lake marina recently saw a change in ownership, the local couple who is now over the marina hopes their ideas can help “utilize the lake’s beauty, that has been hidden for years.”

The goal the two share is to see Fishtrap utilized for the”beauty that has been hidden all these years” and have some huge plans for the lake in the near future, adding that the upcoming inflatable water park that the two hope will be ready to open on June 29, is just the first wave of things to come.

James and Tereshia Thomas never planned on owning the Fishtrap marina, Tereshia said. However, James, who is an avid fisherman knew that the area needed a nice outdoor store to fill the needs, not only for himself, but his many fellow fisherman, without them having to drive hours away.

“We started our hunt for the perfect place to put one in,” James said “Then, right before we were about to sign the papers on a different location, the previous owners reached out.”

According to Tereshia, who grew up on Lower Pompey and on the lake, her family always had a pontoon or houseboat on the lake and her husband has fished Fishtrap, what she said, felt like “a million times”, so the couple felt compelled to at least consider the possibility of owning the marina.

“When we started thinking about it, there was no question,” she said. “We had to do this.”

Once the two had finally set their minds to purchasing the marina, they began brainstorming on what their vision was going to look like.

“I remember telling my husband that I was tired of driving four hours just to take the kids to do things outside,” Thereisa said. “So we decided, not only do we want to fix the marina into a place any fisherman would love, but also, a place kids and families would be excited to visit.”

According to James, he’s always told his children that “the world needed more tackle boxes and less Xbox,” so he couldn’t think of a better way to get people excited and also bring in tourism for the community.

“I thought maybe if we make something that would bring people out here, then possibly investors could see that our mountains are beautiful and the sky is the limit,” he said.

Theresia said that the family has been called crazy and is still called that by some people, but, according to her, the family uses that as motivation.

“We feed off the excitement of our community,” she said. “So things like that don’t mean anything. We want this place to be a tourist destination.”

According to James, the two want to use this to help the economy around here and also give families something to do. Along with the county and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers help, they have huge plans in making this something their hometown can be proud of.

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