A pair of projects in the City of Pikeville have received no bids for construction, city officials were told this week.

At a work session preceding Monday’s regular meeting of the Pikeville City Commission, City Engineer Brad Slone told the commission that Pikeville’s “Downtown Bikeways” project and its remodel of the plaza the Appalachian Center for the Arts (the App) received no bids by the bidding deadlines for each respective project. Slone said the city now has the option of rebidding the projects or seeking quotes from contractors.

“I’ve contacted three contractors that had expressed interest in the App Plaza,” Slone told the News-Express in a follow-up interview. “I anticipate having those quotes by Friday.”

Slone said the remodel of the App Plaza will see the installation of decorative pavers, seat walls, pedestals for seating or displays, vegetation and a sunshade.

Slone said he has also reached out to contractors who had previously requested plans for the Downtown Bikeways project in anticipation of possibly bidding on the project.

“That shows they have an interest in the project,” Slone said.

The bikeways project will see the installation of signage and striping to warn motorists that they must share the road with bikes. Slone said the project will also see the installation of shelters, bicycle pumps and other amenities for bikers, and will extend the proposed bikeway from downtown Pikeville to the soccer fields at Thompson Road.

Slone said he does not anticipate the lack of bids delaying the targeted completion dates for each project. He said the App Plaza remodel is targeted to be completed in early November, while the bikeways project is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year.

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