A Louisville man accused of repeat meth trafficking had his bond revoked Tuesday in Pike District Court.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Pike District Judge Robert Wright revoked the $10,000 bond for Charles Doneghy on a felony methamphetamine-trafficking case stemming from a June 4 arrest in Pikeville. Doneghy, 30, was arrested again on meth-trafficking charges June 27. Wright ruled that Doneghy violated the conditions of his bond from the June 4 arrest when he was arrested again June 27.

Tuesday’s proceedings addressed several cases filed against Doneghy,

including not only the meth-trafficking cases, but also a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge to which Doneghy pleaded not guilty. The proceedings also included a preliminary hearing for Doneghy’s June 27 arrest on a charge of first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance.

During the preliminary hearing, Pikeville Police Officer Tony Conn testified that Doneghy’s vehicle was stopped on U.S. 23 in Pikeville by Officer Josh Lawson due to an altered temporary license tag. Conn said when officers made contact with Doneghy, they detected an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and the Pikeville Police Department’s K9 officer, Yelo, later indicated there were drugs in the car.

Conn said officers found meth and marijuana in the vehicle, along with a large sum of cash. Conn, who was the only witness called during the preliminary hearing, also said Doneghy was cooperative and polite with police and asked Lawson to “give him a break.”

Wright bound the case regarding the June 27 arrest to a Pike grand jury, and upheld Doneghy’s $10,000 cash bond on that case.

In a subsequent hearing, Wright then considered a motion by the Pike County Attorney’s Office to revoke Doneghy’s bond in the June 4 case.

In that case, Doneghy was arrested at Cedar Hills following the search of a residence by Pikeville Police. Officers responded to citizen complaints regarding possible drug trafficking, police said, and arrested Doneghy and four other people. In that incident, police said, 189 grams of meth and several other drugs, included suspected ecstasy, were found. Doneghy and the others arrested were charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance.

Doneghy’s attorney, Will Collins, asked the court Tuesday to maintain Doneghy’s presumption of innocence and to not revoke Doneghy’s bond. Wright said that presumption would be maintained throughout the proceedings.

Wright then addressed Doneghy’s bond conditions from the June 4 arrest. Wright said he ordered Doneghy to not only not break the law, but to also submit to monitored conditional release (MCR) if he was able to pay his bond and be released from jail. Wright said his records indicated that Doneghy may have begun the process to begin MCR in Jefferson County, where he was said to be residing, but the process was never completed.

Wright, based upon Doneghy’s failure to register for MCR and his arrest on June 27, ruled that Doneghy had violated his bond conditions and revoked the bond. Wright then set Doneghy’s new bond at $15,000 full cash.

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