On the heels of a recent petition calling for a special wet/dry in Elkhorn City, several church leaders presented a proclamation to officials expressing their opposition to alcohol sales this week.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Elkhorn City Council, officials received a proclamation from several city church leaders, in which they reiterated their lack of support for alcohol sales in the city. The church leadership included Elkhorn City First Baptist Church Pastor Aaron Butler, Elkhorn City Church of God Pastor Scotty Adkins and Elkhorn Church of Christ Pastor Frank Crum, who read a copy of the proclamation to the council.

Local church leaders were not the only people to comment on their opposition against the sale of alcohol, as earlier in the meeting, while discussing another topic, Elkhorn City Mayor Mike Taylor said he was opposed to the possibility of the city becoming “wet.”

“I’ve not been for it and I’ll never be for it,” Taylor said.

According to the proclamation, the church leaders publicly renounced any support of and/or call for the promotion of alcohol distribution within the city limits of Elkhorn City.

The proclamation also asked for members of the respective churches to refrain from supporting the action and to “vote no.”

“The reason we bring this tonight is because 4,700 teenagers will die this year as direct result of alcohol consumption,” Crum said. “That is more than all deaths related to drug overdose combined.

“So alcohol is still the number one problem even though we have a tremendous drug problem in our area,” he added.

Crum said church leaders within the city do not support one more drop of alcohol entering the city than what’s already in the area.

Elkhorn City Council member Roxanne Blankenship informed those in attendance that the council is working to hold a public forum regarding the matter for later this month. The forum will consist of two members of the public “on both sides of the fence” who are for and against the upcoming wet/dry vote.

“We want to give people who are for and against the sale of alcohol a chance to voice their opinions,” Blankenship said.

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