During its regular meeting, the Mountain Water District Board of Commissioners received an update regarding its water loss for the month, as well as the current status of its radio read meter replacement project.

On Wednesday, MWD General Manager Roy Sawyers updated the board on the status of its water loss for the month of June which he said is sitting at a good number for district standard, as well as the status of its on-going radio read meter replacement project, which Sawyers said one-third of the meters has been replaced.

“On our water loss for the month of June, utilizing the district’s form, it’s 13.71 percent, which is real exceptional for us,” Sawyers said.

According to Sawyers, that percentage is under the benchmark that the Public Service Commission standard sets. However, MWD uses two different forms, Sawyers said. PSC has an older form they use, but the district has been using an “in-house” form for years.

Sawyers added the form could be changed in the future as it could move to a software program that he said would actually benefit MWD.

“Because the topography, the size of the system, so much infrastructure and most of all, we have so many high pressure zones it would just be better for the district overall if we could get to that point,” he said.

Sawyers believes at that point it would change the district’s compared to, for example, someone like central Kentucky, which has flatter lands, doesn’t have the topography issues or the amount of infrastructure MWD has.

Sawyers also gave an update regarding the status of the radio read meter replacements, which has been an on-going project for the district.

“The district has continued to still work with Rural Development to process the loan,” he said. “We just had a hiccup in regards to our whole sale contract agreement that we’ve been working on.”

According to Sawyers, the district, at this time, has installed more than 5,600 meters, leaving MWD with more than 10,000 still to change.

Sawyers said that the district will be sending out installation bids and once those are in, MWD will be able to move forward in getting the loan agreement finalized so installations can be installed.

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