A wreck involving a loaded school bus in Pike County sent one student to the hospital, officials said.

Pike County Schools Superintendent Reed Adkins told the News-Express that one student was transported to the hospital after a two-vehicle wreck Thursday afternoon involving a school bus at Woodman, near Stopover. Adkins said the student, who is elementary school age, was one of 18 children on the bus and was transported by ambulance to the hospital by parent request.

Adkins said the wreck occurred as the Phelps-area bus was conducting its evening runs. Adkins said the bus pulled over to allow another vehicle, a sport utility vehicle, to pass, but the SUV lost control on the wet roadway and collided with the bus.

Adkins said the SUV struck the bus’ front driver’s side tire.

“Our bus driver did everything right in this situation,” Adkins said. “She did a great job to safely pull over and stop prior to the wreck.”

Pike County Schools Transportation Director Ancie Casey told the News-

Express that the majority of the students on the bus were elementary-aged students from Phelps Elementary School. He complimented the driver of the bus, saying she is a veteran driver and Thursday’s incident is her first wreck in a bus.

“She’s one of the better drivers we have in the system,” Casey said. “She did everything right. She did everything she could to avoid it, but things like this are eventually going to happen with as many miles as we travel each day. The potential is always there.”

Casey said the bus sustained minor damage in the wreck, but was drivable and did not require a tow from the scene. Adkins said the students on the bus were all picked up by personal vehicle and taken home following the wreck. He said he is glad the incident was not more severe.

“We travel 10,000 miles a day and we just hope that our bus drivers continue to do what they’ve been doing and be extremely safe with our kids,” he said.

Calls and messages to Kentucky State Police seeking information on the wreck were not returned as of presstime Friday.

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