Staff members of the Pike County Library District recently coordinated a plan with the Riverfill 10 Cinema which allowed a large group of kids and their parents to attend a private showing of the hit film Toy Story 4 as part of its summer reading program that is currently underway.

According to Library Circulation Manager Lauren Fleenor, the idea came from one of the summer reading program teachers, Angelina Daniel, who remembered attending activities such as attending the movies through the library when she was growing up.

“She had actually kind of asked if we could possibly go to a movie,” said Fleenor. “She had remembered doing that as a child, through the library. So we contacted the theater and they were really awesome to work with.”

Fleenor said Riverfill 10 Cinemas was on board with the idea and only asked to be informed how many would be attending.

“We collected some money from the parents and we also even had some tickets donated as well,” Fleenor said. “So in total, we had 75 people show up for the movie. It was a really good turnout.”

When Fleenor, Daniel and another summer reading teacher, Shelly Cavins, were first forming the plan, Toy Story 4 had just hit theaters, and with the movie franchise being viewed as a historical hit in the eyes of kids, the choice of which movie to see was easy.

“Like I said, the movie theater was great,” Fleenor said. “They actually did an exclusive early showing for us.

So we showed up around 10:30 in the morning and we got started around 11:15,” she added.

According to Fleenor, the movie was a huge success with the group, which she said was made up of mostly young children, a few older kids and a handful of parents who helped chaperone.

“The kids were so excited that some of them even brought their Toy Story dolls with them,” she said.

Activities such as attending the movies is something Fleenor said hasn’t been around for quite some time, but the hope is a lot more will coming soon.

“We’re just trying to get back out in the community and help people to really love the library,” she said. “We really hope to be able to do a lot more outreaches like that.”

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