Pike Schools in need of bus drivers

Pike Schools District officials said that a number of bus routes throughout the county remain without a driver, several weeks into the school year.

As the Pike County Schools District starts its third week of school, some areas in the district are still in need of bus drivers.

Superintendent Reed Adkins said that the Belfry and Pike Central areas of Pike County, which encompass about eight of the district’s 18 schools, need bus drivers to fill about four bus routes in the Belfry area and about six bus routes in the Pike Central area. He announced the need for county bus drivers during Thursday’s Board of Education meeting.

“I’ve worked for this school district for 23 years, and I remember it being a continuing problem for many of those years,” Adkins said.

While several bus driver positions have become vacant this year due to some drivers retiring, Adkins said, several mechanics in the county’s bus garages have been asked to cover those routes because they were already trained to work as a bus driver in order to fix the buses.

“It is costing us additional funds to get those routes covered because we don’t have those positions filled,” Adkins said, referring to overtime pay for the mechanics.

Adkins said that the county has worked to recruit more bus drivers, and there are several currently undergoing training for the position, which takes about two or three weeks. To apply to become a bus driver, the applicant is required to have a driver’s license and pass a local and federal background check, Adkins said.

For more information, call the Pike County Schools District at, (606)-433-9200.

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