Police: Man threatened mother, officer during arrest

Alvery C. Potter

An Elkhorn City man is facing numerous charges after being arrested recently, including charges alleging he threatened the lives of his mother and the police officer who arrested him.

According to court documents, Alvery C. Potter, 43, of Old Ferrells Creek Road, was arrested Friday afternoon. According to an arrest citation written by Kentucky State Police Trooper Sheldon Thomas, police were called after Potter allegedly made threats and brandished a knife. Thomas wrote that when he attempted to question Potter about a “bulge in (his) sock,” Potter, who “appeared to be intoxicated,” attempted to walk away.

According to the citation, when the trooper attempted to detain Potter, he “pulled away and had to be forced into handcuffs.”

Thomas wrote in court documents that after Potter was detained, “multiple blue and white pills were located in a container in (Potter’s) sock.” The pills were identified in court documents as Xanax.

Thomas wrote that Potter, once placed into the trooper’s police cruiser, “attempted to break the glass” out of the vehicle “multiple times by kicking,” and made threats.

“(Potter) also made direct threats against his mother at this time saying she would get what she had coming to her and he would be sure of that,” the trooper wrote in court documents.

Thomas also wrote that Potter made threats against his life.

“(Potter) made several threats against my life while being transported to PCDC and stated he would have others end my life with a phone call,” Thomas wrote.

Potter was lodged in the Pike County Detention Center on charges including public intoxication, second-degree disorderly conduct, menacing, third-degree terroristic threatening, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, third-degree possession of a controlled substance, possession of a prescription drug not in a proper container, possession of drug paraphernalia and contempt of court.

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