During its recent meeting, the Pike County Fiscal Court addressed the service issues that customers of Suddenlink, have been in experiencing throughout the area, something to which Judge-Executive Ray Jones said “raises some consumer protection issues.”

“We’ve had over 100 customers of Suddenlink contact us with complaints about the quality of service that they have rendered,” Jones said. “One friend of mine called and had advised that they had paid a $196 hookup fee, only to never have anyone come out and hook the service up.

“Yet at the same time they’re getting a monthly bill,” he added.

According to Jones, the fiscal court has asked county employee Vincent Ratliff, who Jones said has experience in the telecommunications business as he had previously worked for AT&T, to look into the matter and he is currently working to address the service concerns.

“We are also in the process of contacting a communications attorney that the county has worked with previously,” Jones said.

Jones said the county is going to have to try and work through some technical issues, as it looks like there is very little local customer service response for Suddenlink customers.

According to Ratliff, the first complaint he received occurred on Shelby Dry Fork, which Ratliff said he drove out to the area where he found a cable line down, covered in weeds and ran through the creek.

“Who knows how long its been there, but I can tell you from experience, if you’ve got a cable in the creek with a little electricity on it, you’re going to have a little bit of trouble,” Ratliff said. “And I have seen several complaints out of that area.”

Jones said Ratliff has already had conversations with the company and has forwarded the company, what Ratliff said was over 100 emails from disgruntled customers in the area.

According to Ratliff, the company is currently working to put all the emails together so it can then turn it over to its “trouble group.”

“I’m interested to see what happens from there,” Ratliff said. “I have asked of several of them that I would like to be there to meet the technician and their supervisor at the premises.”

Jones said that if the county doesn’t get urgent attention to these complaints, then he would like Ratliff to reach out the Kentucky Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Office, as well as the Pike Commonwealth’s Attorney.

“If people are being charged and they’re not given services, despite paying hookup fees, then there’s some legitimate issues there,” Jones said. “And we’re going to have a conversation with the communications attorney to see what our recourse is.”

One concern, according to Jones, is, if for some reason the company would pull out of the area, there may not be anyone to pick that service up, which he said is a problem for the county.

“We need to look at what our options are,” Jones said. “And we’re going to continue to move forward with that to make sure the people of this county are getting what they paid for.”

Anyone in the county who is a customer of Suddenlink and is experiencing problems with their service can email Ratliff at, vinson.ratliff@ky.gov.

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