A release of statistical feedback relating to the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s graduating classes of 2016 from the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics showed that 100 percent of Pikeville High School’s 2016 graduates who started their collegiate instructions did so as full-time students in four-year college systems.

“Whenever you enroll your son or daughter in our preschool or our kindergarten program, if we ask you what would be the goal for your son or daughter 13 years from now, ... you want them in a loving, nurturing environment, a place that helps turn your son or daughter into the man or woman you want to see some day and that is to be prepared for that next level,” said Pikeville Independent Schools Superintendent Jerry Green. “We want your son or daughter leaving each day better than we found them that morning. If we do that each day, it is continuous improvement.”

The students, according to the statistics, graduated with, on average, a 3.12 grade point average and were able to maintain, on average, a 2.81 GPA through their first year of college.

According to Green, the 85 students which were the graduating class completed a total of 210 dual-credit courses and more than 250 Advanced Placement exams.

Green also highlighted that 68.2 percent of the graduates had taken at least one AP course while attending PHS, which compares to 41.6 percent of students across the commonwealth. Green said part of that high percentage is that, while at PHS, each of those students does not have to worry about the prices of AP exams. The school district covers the exam prices, Green said.

“Several years ago, we asked a high school student how they did on their AP exams. They said, ‘Well, I passed and did really well on the one I could afford ...’ We had students who couldn’t afford it,” Green said. “We decided, as a district, everybody who takes those courses, everybody who is in that class, we are going to pay for that for them.”

Green said he believes that Pikeville Independent is the only school district in Kentucky that covers the price of AP exams for students.

According to the statistics, the 2016 PHS graduates were also more college and/or career ready at a higher percentage than other graduates across the commonwealth. The study said 78.8 percent of PHS students graduated as college and/or career ready, compared to 68.8 percent of all Kentucky graduates.

The 2016 class of PHS graduates was the centennial class of graduates for the school.

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