Chris Hemsworth helped Tom Holland land Spider-Man Content Exchange

Chris Hemsworth "made a call" to help Tom Holland land the role of Spider-Man.

The 'Thor: Ragnarok' actor did his best to back his 23-year-old pal by reassuring Marvel bosses that his friend is "one of the most talented" people he'd ever worked with.

He revealed: "I mean, look, we worked on In the 'Heart of the Sea' together, obviously, then through 'Avengers' and as they were casting him for Spider-Man, I did what I could do and made a call and said he's one of the most talented people I've worked with and has such a big heart and appreciation.

"I don't know, we have a great friendship, it's a good mutual respect."

The pair recently interviewed one another to promote Chris' new movie 'Men In Black: International' and Tom's latest outing as the webslinger, 'Spider-Man: Far From Home', and the British actor described his friend as his "hero" when he shared a clip from the funny chat last week.

And Chris admitted his admiration for Tom is just the same.

Told about his friend's caption by 'Entertainment Tonight', he replied: "Aw, did he? Well, he's my hero in life."

Tom recently admitted playing Spider-Man had fulfilled his childhood dreams because he was always "obsessed" with the superhero when he was growing up.

He said: "I've been playing Spider-Man in my bedroom since I was a kid.

"I grew up watching the films and I watched all the cartoons. I was kind of obsessed with him. When I walked on set for my first day it was my first day on the MCU but it was my thousandth time playing Spider-Man so I felt like I had it in the bag."

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